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Pre-Installation Checklist

What you should know before the installer arrives.

A few things you should prepare prior to the arrival of your installer.

Understanding your role and preparing in advance will make the installation a much more pleasant experience.

  • It is the customers’ responsibility to remove and replace items subject to breakage such as televisions, stereos, computers, glass, or marble tabletops, aquariums, lamps, ashtrays, vases, dishes, etc.
  • Installation crews will assist in moving heavier items for a small additional charge.  If you need this type of assistance, ask for a price quote at the time of measurement.
  • In bedrooms:  Please strip beds and remove all items from the closet floors.  Waterbeds must be emptied and removed.  All beds that require assembly must be disassembled and reassembled by you.
  • When replacing flooring, it is sometimes necessary to trim doors for clearance.  Please be advised that installers do not cut doors.  They will however, remove them so your or your carpenter can trim and replace them.
  • If you wish to save any of your existing carpeting, notify your installer upon his arrival.  Disposal of old carpeting is not included in the basic installation price.  As your installer if this service is available and if so, at what cost.
  • If wood moldings, vinyl cove base or rubber cove base are installed over your existing floor covering, please remove it.  The installer(s) can not be liable for breakage, damage, or replacement.
  • Insure that power will be available for electrical tools and that adequate lighting is present at all times during installation.
  • The majority of carpets sold come in twelve foot widths.  In most installations carpet seams are inevitable.  Please be aware that no carpet seam is ever totally invisible.
  • After installation, you may notice some left over scraps of carpet or other flooring products.  A 5% to 10% waste factor is normal and should be expected.

 It has been a pleasure to serve you.